Wanna Be a Small Business SEO Superstar?

small business seo

Google’s major Penguin, Panda, and other algorithm updates over the past few years haven’t significantly changed the search engine optimization (SEO) game for small businesses. And while SEO can feel very much like a moving target, the goal has been—and still remains—to consistently post quality content on your site and to get other websites to link back to yours.

However, Google’s search engine updates have changed some of the tactics you should use to achieve those goals. These 10 tips will help you stay ahead of small business SEO.

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How to Get Started Blogging

how to start your own blog 3

There is a lot of competition out there and learning how to start your own blog may not be as easy as it once was, but for many businesses it is still an important part of a content strategy. And if you’re trying to establish a personal brand in your industry, it’s probably vital.

So let’s get to it, shall we? Let’s take each of these problems and address them one by one.

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Top of the List: Cincinnati’s Largest Web Design Firms

Do you want to know what the Business Courier’s website looked like on August 14, 2000? Hint: It ain’t pretty.
Now, 14 years later, we’ve gone through redesign after redesign and finally arrived at something sleek, clean and easy to navigate.
But we’d still be in the stone ages (that color scheme — ew) without the creative magic and technological prowess of the web designers in Cincinnati, whom we honor in this week’s list section.
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What are The Benefits of Supporting Small Businesses?

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According to statistics provided by Forbes Magazine, over 50% of the current working population in the US is employed by companies that are classified as small businesses. Additionally, almost 65% of the jobs that have created in America since 1996 have been created by the small business community.

Those are strong numbers worth considering when looking at the benefits of supporting small businesses (companies with fewer than 100 employees).

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Five Strategies That Small Business Owners Can Use Starting Now, to Grow Their Business

Open for business

A new day has been dawning for small business owners over the last few years. The competitive nature of the business community demands that every small business owner actively pursue every possible avenue to get their brand out where consumers can find it.

According to statistics released by the US Census Bureau for 2014, 53% of small business now have websites. Additionally, some marketing companies estimate that one in four smartphone users seek local addresses for small businesses using their smartphone.

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 3 ways online schools are preparing students for college and beyond

schools offering laptops

Since its debut in Utah 20 years ago, online education continues to advance and improve as new technologies emerge. Online schools offering laptops, allow students and teachers to collaborate in real-time using digital whiteboards or pen tablets, participate in multi-user group study sessions via video conference and receive quick, meaningful feedback to course correct their work as needed.

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Compact Power Equipment Rental’s VIP Delivery Service Available Now in Cleveland, Ohio


tool rental 2

“The VIP Onsite Delivery Program provides Compact Power the opportunity to delight our DIY customers who otherwise might not have the ability to tow our equipment, while also providing our professional contractor customers a cost-effective and convenient jobsite equipment delivery option,” said Richard Porter, Chief Operating Officer.

Compact Power Equipment Rental is located in select Home Depot Tool Rental Centers, providing you with rental equipment for all of your improvement needs.

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Lexington Law Honored With Besty Award for the Fourth Year in a Row

lexington law

“We are honored to be recognized as the number one leader in the industry,” said John Heath, Directing Attorney for Lexington Law. “Lexington Law has assisted consumers for over 10 years, fighting for our client’s legal right to a fair, accurate and substantiated credit profile. We will continue to lead the way in credit repair, working tirelessly on behalf of our clients and their families.”

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5 Traits to Expect In Tree Removal Services Listed in New Article by Precision Tree Services

atlanta tree removal

“Even though there are many tree services available, the most professional and reliable companies display certain traits and qualities. In their latest article, Precision Tree Services describes 5 specific traits that property owners should look for when searching for an Atlanta tree removal service. “

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Helios Acquires Ringler® Medicare Solutions (RMS) from Ringler Associates

structured settlements

Joseph Loseman, executive vice president and chief financial officer at Ringler Associates, added, “Our primary goal as the leader in the structured settlement industry is protecting the financial security of all injured parties and their families involved in the settlement process. We will continue to drive efficiencies in this space.”

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Business Insider:  Chinese millionaire migration to Canada is in a state of flux

Quebec immigrant investor program

“For the first time in recent years, wealth migration applications to Canada fell below approvals in 2014. However, a backlog of Quebec Immigrant Investor Program applications will likely help maintain approval levels for a few years. Figures shown here include only principal applicants, not dependents.”

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